2016 Ford Escape from New Albany, IN Nearby Dealerships is in a Class of its Own

The 2016 Ford Escape combines everything that makes crossover SUVs so beloved— plenty of space, robust driving dynamics, and powerful appearance – into a high-performing, unstoppable force. If you are thinking about getting one, learn more about its features and benefits.

Vigorous Power

The Ford Escape gets its power from a strong engine. For instance, the available turbocharged, direct injection 2L EcoBoost I-4 engine is capable of delivering 240 horsepower. Paired with the 6-speed SelectShift auto transmission, you won’t miss the clutch as it lets you shift gears quickly using a switch on the gear shift knob. An available 4WD system also imparts an enhanced level of control which is especially useful during challenging weather conditions.

More than Enough Room

Whether you need to ferry several passengers or often need to transport lots of gear and items, substantial cargo space is an integral part of the SUV’s allure, and in this regard, expect the Ford Escape to deliver. Also, here’s a nifty little trick for when you’ve got your hands full: if your key is nearby, just kick under the bumper in order to open the available power liftgate and store your stuff in the roomy cargo hold.

Impressive Interiors

Inside this particular model is a contemporary and sophisticated cabin crafted with the goal of optimum comfort and functional ergonomic style. In addition, SUVs are not usually touted for their eco-friendly qualities, but the Ford Escape breaks the mold by using recovered cotton to make sound-absorption material employed throughout the car. What you get is a comfortable, spacious, and eco-conscious interior sure to delight and satisfy.

The 2016 Ford Escape in several models, from the base S to the Titanium, so feel free to visit a Ford dealerships around New Albany, IN to find out the right match for you and your lifestyle.


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