The 2016 Ford Explorer from Louisville, KY Nearby Dealers: Practicality and Efficiency All in One SUV

Taking trips with the family can be fun, especially when you are in the right vehicle. For a lot of people, it’s hard to beat a larger SUV. Not only do these offer plenty of room, but they also help everyone remain comfortable for hours. When it comes to class and great interior features, the 2016 Ford Explorer stands out the most. If you want to experience all of these great things, visit your local Ford dealers around the Louisville, KY area. Continue reading


The 2016 Ford Focus from New Albany, IN Nearby Dealerships: User-Friendly with Efficient Energy

Getting a new car is an unforgettable experience. You get to drive something that hasn’t hit the road yet, and you have the opportunity to test out all of the incredible features. When it comes to newer cars, one that certainly stands out both in terms of looks and function is the 2016 Ford Focus. This elegant hatchback sedan is loaded with tech-oriented features, making your life easy as a driver. See what the hype is all about by heading to reliable Ford dealerships serving the New Albany, IN area. Continue reading

2016 Ford Fusion from Clarksville, IN Nearby Dealership: Understanding SYNC and the Various Fusion Engine Options

Commuting to work can be a tedious task, especially if you have a vehicle that’s not built to last and lacks features. You don’t have to worry about this with a 2016 Ford Fusion, a car that is made to handle all sorts of environments and offers various entertainment options. Whether you are looking for a fun car to drive or something reliable for the family, the Fusion gets the job done every time while offering a striking aesthetic appeal wherever you go. Continue reading