2016 Ford Edge from a Clarksville, IN Nearby Dealership: Capacity To Control And Carry

One measure of a vehicle’s capacity is how you can control it. There’s no reason to get a vehicle that’s difficult to handle as it can only expose you to safety risks. If you need a capable vehicle, get one that’s easy to control. Another quality you should look for is the capacity to accommodate passengers and carry cargo. With this, you can ensure that you can take your vehicle to road trips and adventures. Ford understands all these, so it designed the 2016 Edge to give you the capacity to control your journey and carry everything and everyone you need.

Precise Control

The All-Wheel Drive is an intelligent feature that lets the 2016 Edge to monitor traction. Using a set of sensors, it makes sure that the torque delivered to the front and rear wheels is balanced to avoid wheelslip. This gives you better control and stability all throughout your journey. The Electric Power-Assisted Steering, on the other hand, makes the 2016 Ford Edge responsive to your driving needs. It adjusts based on your speed. It also monitors your steering movement, road conditions, and shifts in directions to give you precise control.

Room For All

With a 113.9-cubic-feet passenger volume, you can invite your friends and family to a road trip. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about where to put all your stuff because the vehicle has enough cargo space. The front row has a cargo volume of 73.4 cu. ft. while 39.2 cu. ft in the second row. If you’re bringing equipment such as a boat or a bike, you can do so with the 2016 Edge, which has a towing power of 4,500 pounds.

When it comes to control and space, the 2016 Edge won’t let you down. See it for yourself by visiting a Ford dealership near Clarksville, IN.


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