2016 Ford Escape from Dealerships Near New Albany, IN: Fun and Functionality Combined In One

Compact SUVs tend to be boring. While you can use them for a lot of things, more often than not, you need a lightweight car for your routine rides. On the other hand, you don’t want to feel like you’re driving a large truck on the highway all the time either. For those who don’t want to buy two separate cars, Ford has combined these two features in their new 2016 Ford Escape which can be found in Ford dealerships around New Albany, IN. Escaping from boring has never been easier.


Easy Approach For High Usability


How often have you run to your car in a hurry with your hands full of stuff? Having to put things down just to pop open the trunk can feel like a waste of time. The 2016 Ford Escape comes with a very simple, yet highly functional solution. Whenever the key is close to the car, just kick under the bumper and the power liftgate will activate. With the new SYNC® 3 voice-control in the picture, there are plenty of ways you can use your Ford Escape.


Intelligent Way To Be Secure


The 4WD System helps you control your Ford Escape no matter the weather conditions, and the 2016 Ford Escape is more than up to the job. This car monitors road conditions constantly, updating it every 16 milliseconds, and doing automatic torque adjustments when needed. Combined, it creates a feeling like you and the car are working together to make sure the ride is safe and comfortable.


If you need a car that can handle heavy rain or snow, find a Ford dealership serving New Albany, IN. They will tell you the many other ways that the 2016 Ford Escape can make your life easier.


Source: http://www.ford.com/suvs/escape/



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