The 2016 Ford Edge from Dealers Serving Louisville, KY: A Small But Capable SUV

There are a lot of SUVs on the market, but one of the most impressive is the 2016 Ford Edge from around Louisville, KY. While it may not be the biggest SUV out there, it’s small size belies a treasure trove of excellent features.

What Powers the 2016 Ford Edge near Louisville, KY?

Of course, any discussion of an SUV must begin with its engine. Luckily, the 2016 Ford Edge from around Louisville, KY sports an impressive 3.5L V-6 engine that can muster 280 horsepower and 250 lb-ft. of torque. Despite this power, fuel efficiency remains solid, registering 17 miles per gallon on city drives and 25 miles per gallon on the highway.

Also impressive is the excellent handling of the 2016 Ford Edge from Louisville, KY. As notes in its review, this vehicle offers a smoother ride than many comparable vehicles, demonstrating the excellent engineering that Ford dedicated into the 2016 Edge.


The 2016 Ford Mustang from Dealerships Serving New Albany, IN: Powerfully Beautiful

The muscle car is an American staple, but the 2016 Ford Mustang near New Albany, IN proves that power and beauty need not be mutually exclusive. Whereas most muscle cars are known for their brute power, few are known for their sophisticated style. Finally, with the 2016 Ford Mustang near New Albany, IN, you can enjoy a ride that thrills on the road and catches the eyes of onlookers.

The 2016 Ford Mustang from around New Albany, IN: Awesome Power

A muscle car is measured first and foremost by its power–otherwise, you may as well just get a sedan. That’s why the 2016 Ford Mustang near New Albany, IN makes sure that it pack enough power to impress even the most demanding speed enthusiasts.

The 2016 Ford Explorer from Dealerships near Clarksville, IN: More is Definitely Better

When it comes to SUVs, the 2016 Ford Explorer near Clarksville, IN proves that more can definitely be better. While many people clamor for more compact vehicles in this segment, the truth is many motorists need more power, seating space, and storage capacity–all tick boxes that the latest Explorer checks. Below is a quick overview of what makes this SUV worth a second look:

The 2016 Ford Explorer near Clarksville, IN: Impressive Power

Lest people forget, Ford basically created the SUV segment, creating a vehicle that can conquer challenging terrains while still being practical for everyday use. Is it any wonder why the 2016 Ford Explorer near Clarksville, IN remains one of the most sought-after SUVs in the market?

The 2016 Ford Mustang from Dealerships Serving New Albany, IN: Muscle and Grace

Admit it: at some point in your life, you’ve dreamed of owning a sports car. It’s hardly surprising and you’re definitely not alone, though. There’s just something undeniably eye catching about a speedy, powerful car driving down the highway.

Of course, that power does come with a price. Sports cars are not your everyday family sedan–they were built to perform and are priced accordingly. And in this regard, it’s hard to top the 2016 Ford Mustang.

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The 2016 Ford Explorer from Dealerships Serving New Albany, IN: Your Family’s Next Car

If people were to buy a vehicle only for themselves, chances are there would be a lot more sports car owners in the country. In reality though, most people take into consideration their family’s needs when choosing a car. And if you happen to have a big family, then you know a sedan just won’t cut it. On the other hand, you could get a van, but it would prove far too big when you’re driving alone to run errands, like buying groceries. Besides, the bigger the vehicle, the more gas it guzzles. Is there are nice compromise between the two? Yes, and it’s called the 2016 Ford Explorer. Just what makes this vehicle the perfect family vehicle? Check out its neat features below:

Ample Space

As previously mentioned, you’re going to need a lot of cabin space in your car to fit your entire brood. Luckily, the Explorer is a three-row crossover, allowing you to sit up to seven people, making it perfect for road trips and other long drives.

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The 2016 Ford Expedition from Dealers Serving New Albany, IN: Built for Big

There’s no denying that compact cars are all the rage these days. Owners beam about the fuel savings and ease of parking these vehicles offer. While smaller vehicles certainly do have their perks, for many, big really is better. As such, SUVs have become just as popular as compact cars. They’re small enough to be used as everyday cars, but big enough to do some heavy-duty work.

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