2016 Ford F-150 from Dealerships Serving New Albany, IN: Durable and Revolutionary

If you ever need an everyday workhorse with striking looks that turns heads, search no further than the 2016 Ford F-150. Stunning aesthetics and incredible performance harmonize to give you a dependable daily driver that really pulls. It comes in a variety of finished and performance packages, but one thing’s for sure, it dominates the city streets.

Unmatched Durability

The 2016 F-150 uses military-grade, aluminum alloy body material along with high-strength steel for its chassis, the same used in the aerospace and energy industries. Eight crossmembers span the length of the steel chassis, ensuring that not even the heaviest normal loads can make it buckle. Enjoy years of durability with all models having passed the Ford proving grounds. From high-altitude through desert valleys, you can have the peace of mind that your truck can trudge through any terrain with ease.

Game-Changing Power

Speaking of power delivery, the truck can come in four engine configurations to truly make it your own. Opt for the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 for the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings without compromising power. The 3.5L Ti-VCT FFV V6 option handles everyday hauling while keeping operating costs to a minimum, while its EcoBoost variant delivers both durability and performance in spades. Finally, the brawniest of the engines comes in the 5.0L Ti-VCT V8, which is engineered to be the best in its class in terms of performance and fuel efficiency.

Flexible Power

All that power isn’t only useful for speeding through the highway. The Electronic 6-speed transmission offers a Tow/Haul mode that helps control vehicle speed when on a descent. Opt for the available SelectShift automatic feature to get two modes of driving operation. Progressive Range Select gives the driver a reduced range of available transmission gears, while Drive mode limits the number of gears available for road and load conditions. The Full Manual mode allows you to control up and down shifting without using a clutch.

There’s more to learn and love about the 2016 Ford F-150, with its styling and performance to prove itself. If you need a handsome everyday workhorse, source one around the New Albany, IN area at nearby Ford dealerships to get the truck of your dreams.


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