The 2016 Ford Mustang Near New Albany: Making a Refreshing Throttle with its Latest Iteration

It doesn’t take much for someone with a 2016 Ford Mustang to impress. After all, just saying the name of the car is already attention-worthy. The awe and admiration is historic for this brand of car, needless to say, and for very good reasons, too.

Not only has the Mustang model had a very colorful history throughout all these years, perhaps the best part about it is that it remains consistent and steadfast in delivering quality cars to its fans. For the 2016 iteration, for example, Ford makes sure to call your attention to the fact that they’ve only made an already superior car into become even better–if that’s even possible.

Life Extends Past 50

The Ford Mustang has certainly come a long way, with no less than 50 years of being in the market under its belt. The designers of the 2016 model are, of course, very well aware of the nostalgia surrounding this car, and so have made the effort to integrate notable heritage cues. For example, the hood-vent turn signals have been put back on the GT models of the Mustang.

Ensuring to keep it relevant in the here and now, the manufacturer has also made sure to integrate modern styling and features, such as a brand new set of wheels and striping. A fresh, new option of a black-painted roof has also been made available.

Reliable Performance

If you’re worried that the 2016 Ford Mustang is just going to be like a lot of other cars out there that only look good, but do not really deliver the goods, you can rest assured right now that there is nothing to worry about in this department. It’s got a new turbocharged inline-4 version available, and a 435-horsepower V-8 that can only be described as intense. It would also bring you much pleasure to know that they’ve brought back a brand new Shelby variant.

You can check it out in New Albany in Ford dealerships nearby, so make sure to set an appointment.


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