The 2016 Ford Expedition at a Dealership near Clarksville IN: A Brawny Elan

Unlike other SUVs, whose selling points center on sheer brute force, the 2016 Ford Expedition, found at any Ford dealership near Clarksville IN, stands apart from the crowd with its tremendous size, classic design, and superb performance.

A Heavy-Duty SUV

Considered to be the biggest Ford SUV flagship, the 2016 Ford Expedition is clearly designed to take on some heavy duty weightlifting, perfect for big families with an equally big appetite for adventure.

At first glance, there appears to be no significant change in the classic exterior design of the 2016 Ford Expedition when compared to its predecessors. Beneath its skin, however, this model swells with upgrades in cutting-edge technology and premier performance capabilities.

The 2016 Ford Expedition ditches the 5.4-liter, V8 engine of previous models in favor of a smaller and more fuel efficient 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6. Though the new standard engine is considerably smaller than the previous one, its power is not compromised. It musters a very capable 365 horsepower with 420 pound-feet of torque, adding up to an astonishing 9,200 pounds of towing capacity. Not only that, the 2016 Ford Expedition offers an expansive cargo space, maxing out at 108.3 cubic feet when you collapse the second- and third-row seats.

A Truck in Its Blood

Furthermore, the 2016 Ford Expedition is specifically designed with pickup truck capabilities. It does not only haul heavy cargo, it also saves inputted trailer data via Truck Apps. As a result, you can access information, such as trailer brake control settings and mileage, the next time you use the same trailer.

Keeping its best-in-class, standard-engine torque title, the 2016 Ford Expedition is perfect for large families whose bonding moments consist of out-of-town trips and off-road adventures.


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