The 2016 Ford Edge from Dealerships around New Albany, IN: A Winning SUV

If you’ve long looked enough for a reliable, sleek SUV, Ford has the just the right car to end your search. The 2016 Ford Edge is characterized by its bold design with the unique grille and fluid curves. From ambient lighting to ample wheel choices, the Edge has you covered.

A Graceful Approach to Design

Sophistication is a badge of honor the 2016 Ford Edge wears proudly. The powerdome hood and raised beltlines make you rethink what a daily driver is supposed to look like, while the sculpted shoulders show off an aggressive look. Different wheel options are available, such as the 18-inch sparking silver-painted aluminum wheels and the 21-inch premium low-gloss wheels. The interior is just as stylish, featuring a user-friendly centerstack, premium side panels, and a panoramic sunroof. Open it up and experience a whole new way of driving.

Innovative Systems

After gazing at the stylish parts and materials, your attention may be drawn to the innovative systems that enhance every experience. SYNC 3, for example, has changed the way you do tasks because of its voice-automated design. In terms of safety, enhanced park assist revolutionizes the way you enter parking spots. Sensors monitor available spots, and after finding one, the system takes over. All you need to do is shift, accelerate and brake. Additionally, a lane-keeping system uses a forward-facing camera, scanning the road ahead to let you know when you are drifting into another lane.

Ford dealerships around New Albany, IN are ready when you want to take this elegant SUV out on the road. No situation is too tough for this well-equipped 2016 Ford Edge.


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