The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor from Dealers Near New Albany, IN: A Mighty On-Road and Off-Road Force


It’s time to experience what true off-road adventure is with the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor from New Albany, IN. There’s a lot to expect from this juggernaut, from its new body to advanced technologies, that allow it to take on both challenging roads and the pavement.

Ford shows careful attention to details when it comes to the interior, exterior, and driver-assist features. One of the best enhancements is its aluminum body. Made of high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy, the new Raptor is 500 pounds lighter than the previous models. This makes the 2017 version from Ford dealers serving New Albany, IN easier to handle and more fuel-efficient. Read more from this blog:


The 2017 Ford Fusion in Louisville Dealers: A Refreshing ComeBack

The 2017 Ford Fusion is all geared up and set for its upcoming release in the car market, and awaiting fans could not be more pleased at getting the chance to get their hands on it. Seeing the specs and features that the car manufacturer has incorporated in this iteration, it is understandable why there is so much anticipation for it.

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The 2016 Ford Mustang Near New Albany: Making a Refreshing Throttle with its Latest Iteration

It doesn’t take much for someone with a 2016 Ford Mustang to impress. After all, just saying the name of the car is already attention-worthy. The awe and admiration is historic for this brand of car, needless to say, and for very good reasons, too.

Not only has the Mustang model had a very colorful history throughout all these years, perhaps the best part about it is that it remains consistent and steadfast in delivering quality cars to its fans. For the 2016 iteration, for example, Ford makes sure to call your attention to the fact that they’ve only made an already superior car into become even better–if that’s even possible.

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The 2016 Ford F-150 in Ford Dealerships Serving Clarksville, IN: Big Truck Goes Lightweight

The F-150 has been making waves ever since it first made its debut more than a couple of decades ago. It’s come a long way, indeed, and it’s proven its mettle more than just a few times. It’s also no stranger to awards and accolades, too, having been no less than the best-selling pickup since all the way back to 1977. In 1981, it was also dubbed as the best-selling vehicle all across the United States.

Needless to say, this latest iteration of the F-150 has got some serious shoes to fill. Then again, no one else is more fitting for the job than the Ford designers.

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The 2017 Ford Escape from Dealers serving Louisville: One-Of-A-Kind Crossover SUV

The 2017 Ford Escape remains one of the top compact crossover SUVs to drive. Defined by an athletic personality, updates for this model year give it new EcoBoost engines, more tech features, and revamped styling. Better still, a host of upgrades create a more convenient and efficient driving experience.

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The 2016 Ford Edge from Dealerships near New Albany, IN Features Convenient Technology

Is driving a chore or a pleasure? For most motorists, it’s probably the former–hopping into a vehicle is merely a means to an end, a way to get from Point A to Point B. When you consider that the average American drives up to 30.6 miles daily, that shouldn’t have to be the case. Don’t people deserve a vehicle that’s pleasurable to drive? One that actually makes their lives easier? This is the question that the 2016 Ford Edge seeks to answer. The latest iteration of this well-regarded vehicle offers many little touches that make each drive more convenient, so you actually enjoy being on the wheel.

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The 2016 Ford Expedition from a Dealership near Clarksville, Indiana: Delivering Big in Space

The absolutely colossal 2016 Ford Expedition is the perfect vehicle for large families or for people who often take long road trips. This is due primarily to the vast amount of interior space that is easily the most attention-grabbing feature of this vehicle. If you are looking for the ideal family car that offers great space, comfort, safety and unique features, then the 2016 Ford Expedition may just be the perfect choice for you.

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