The 2017 Ford Escape from a Ford Dealer around Clarksville, IN: Escape the World in Style

Whether you are looking to keep your family safe or just hoping to enjoy long drives, you need an SUV you can count on. The 2017 Ford Escape is rapidly changing the game and making it fun to get around town. When you are not showing off the modern grille in the front, you and passengers will enjoy the infotainment features inside. The Escape truly is an escape from rather boring driving experiences.

A Winning Performance

Feel free take epic adventures in the 2017 Ford Escape with its excellent performance in rugged conditions. You get plenty of power with the 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost engine, fully equipped with Auto Start-Stop technology. This setup gives you the chance to tackle tough roads and terrains confidently, while the efficient design gives makes you feel relaxed even when driving for a long time. Read more on this article:


Feast Your Eyes on the Ferocious 2017 F-150 at a Ford Dealership near Louisville, KY

An iconic leader in the pickup truck class worldwide, it’s no wonder that over one million Ecoboost Ford F-150s have been sold to date. The 2017 Ford F-150 is one of the most well-loved, powerful and versatile pickup trucks available on the market, so it’s clear to see why it’s being shown off at a Ford dealership near Louisville, KY for all to consider.

Top Level Safety

The 2017 Ford F-150 has been awarded the top safety rating by the IIHS, as well as a five star safety rating from the NHTSA, and over five different safety tests scored ‘good’ all round- higher than any other pickup truck has managed to achieve. The option to add Forward Collision Warning to your vehicle means you feel safer while driving. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN: Taking on the Road with Confidence

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN is an SUV that can take you anywhere in style. The interior is comfortable and offers plenty of room, while the aesthetics make this SUV stand out in any environment. You can travel on different terrains feeling safe, thanks to the innovative systems and features it has.

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN: Thoughtful and Inspiring Design

When you first see the 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN, you’ll notice the all-new exterior. It features an iconic grille, with plenty of chrome materials for a modern look. The side mirrors have a sleek look, as does the top and sides. All of the elements flow nicely and are capable of handling the toughest environments you take them through. LED taillamps and LED signature lighting help guide you through the night, all while providing style that is captivating. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford Explorer from New Albany, IN: Delivering an All-Star SUV Experience

The 2017 Ford Explorer near New Albany, IN remains at the top of the midsize family SUV category. It offers everything from several engine options, a Sport Appearance Package, advanced safety features, the latest technology such as SYNC3, and amazing fuel efficiency. You’ll find genuine style and comfort inside the beautiful cabin. As if that’s not enough, the state-of-the-art All-Wheel Drive (AWD) systems sweetens the deal with off-road chops. It’s the perfect choice for modern families, with enough space for the kids, your pets, camping gear, sports equipment, and whatever else you need as you journey towards adventure.

The 2017 Ford Explorer from New Albany, IN Can Do it All

The 2017 Ford Explorer near New Albany, IN serves plenty of horsepower under the hood. The engines start high with the standard 290-HP V6 engine and the fuel-efficient 280-HP turbocharged 4-cylinder. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford F-150 from Ford Dealers near Louisville, KY: A Versatile Truck

If you are constantly taking on tough jobs, like hauling trailers, you need a powerful truck. The 2017 Ford F-150 can handle demanding jobs, as if they are nothing at all. It can tow a lot of weight and provide fuel-efficient drives. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile trucks currently on the market today.

Always Surpassing Expectations

Power and efficiency perfectly describe the 2017 Ford F-150. Base models come with a 3.5L V6 engine that produces 282 horsepower and 253 lbs-ft of torque. This engine gets 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Four-wheel drive is available with base models, giving you adequate traction on any surface. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford Escape from Clarksville, IN: An SUV Fully Equipped for the Road

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN is an ideal travel mate for car shoppers looking for a stylish, well-equipped compact SUV. It’s spacious, capable, and comfortable. The Escape’s hatchback-on-steroids looks makes it a sleek sight on any road. State-of-the-art infotainment features should give you and your passengers endless fun during your journeys. Excellent handling plus a compliant and firm ride make it a joy to drive. In addition, there’s no shortage of cargo space and tech options to fit your needs. As if that’s not enough, its class-leading tow ratings gives you plenty of muscle. A top seller for many years now, the 2017 is all set to continue its winning streak. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford F-150 around Louisville, KY: Made for Any Type of Road

The 2017 Ford F-150 around Louisville, KY is a truck that is above average in terms of performance and aesthetics. Wherever you go, people will notice the iconic, bold grille. There are so many environments you can tackle in this durable truck, whether it is dirt trails or muddy ditches. The road is all for the taking in the 2017 Ford F-150.

The 2017 Ford F-150 around Louisville, KY: The Truck that Lasts

You don’t have to worry about your 2017 Ford F-150 around Louisville, KY giving out because it has quality parts made for any challenge. Through torture-testing, this truck passed with flying colors. It met every challenge in extreme environments that most trucks certainly couldn’t hold up in. This gives you peace of mind as a Ford vehicle owner, because you know this truck is in it for the long haul. Read more on this article: