The 2017 Ford Escape from Ford Dealerships near Clarksville, IN: Plenty of Power and Space

Having a vehicle that you can trust is important, especially if you use it every day for work or other important tasks. With the 2017 Ford Escape, you get reliability on every drive, not to mention plenty of space on the inside. It’s your home away from home, and now more equipped than ever. Even the aesthetics of this SUV give you something to smile about, from the second you see it.

Performances that Inspire

Fun is just around the corner when you choose the 2017 Ford Escape, an SUV that offers plenty of engine options. There is the 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost, 1.5 EcoBoost, and 2.5L i-VCT engines. The EcoBoost models give you plenty of power to work with, capable of providing fuel efficiency for peace of mind on any drive. Read more on this article:


The 2017 Ford Escape from a Ford Dealer around Clarksville, IN: Escape the World in Style

Whether you are looking to keep your family safe or just hoping to enjoy long drives, you need an SUV you can count on. The 2017 Ford Escape is rapidly changing the game and making it fun to get around town. When you are not showing off the modern grille in the front, you and passengers will enjoy the infotainment features inside. The Escape truly is an escape from rather boring driving experiences.

A Winning Performance

Feel free take epic adventures in the 2017 Ford Escape with its excellent performance in rugged conditions. You get plenty of power with the 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost engine, fully equipped with Auto Start-Stop technology. This setup gives you the chance to tackle tough roads and terrains confidently, while the efficient design gives makes you feel relaxed even when driving for a long time. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN: Taking on the Road with Confidence

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN is an SUV that can take you anywhere in style. The interior is comfortable and offers plenty of room, while the aesthetics make this SUV stand out in any environment. You can travel on different terrains feeling safe, thanks to the innovative systems and features it has.

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN: Thoughtful and Inspiring Design

When you first see the 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN, you’ll notice the all-new exterior. It features an iconic grille, with plenty of chrome materials for a modern look. The side mirrors have a sleek look, as does the top and sides. All of the elements flow nicely and are capable of handling the toughest environments you take them through. LED taillamps and LED signature lighting help guide you through the night, all while providing style that is captivating. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford Escape from Clarksville, IN: An SUV Fully Equipped for the Road

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN is an ideal travel mate for car shoppers looking for a stylish, well-equipped compact SUV. It’s spacious, capable, and comfortable. The Escape’s hatchback-on-steroids looks makes it a sleek sight on any road. State-of-the-art infotainment features should give you and your passengers endless fun during your journeys. Excellent handling plus a compliant and firm ride make it a joy to drive. In addition, there’s no shortage of cargo space and tech options to fit your needs. As if that’s not enough, its class-leading tow ratings gives you plenty of muscle. A top seller for many years now, the 2017 is all set to continue its winning streak. Read more on this article:

A Ford Dealership near Clarksville, IN will Soon Welcome the 2017 Escape, a Class-Defining SUV

The 2017 Ford Escape may only be age 16, based on its iterations, but it’s hard to underestimate the accomplishments of this prodigious SUV. As it stands, it’s already the second-best-selling Ford vehicle, behind the blockbuster F-150 truck line.

While there is no denying that the Ford Escape has benefitted from the growing market interest in SUVs, it never takes its leadership position for granted. That’s why for the 2017 edition, Ford equipped the Escape with even more attractive features that further widen the gap between this SUV and others in the segment.

Even a quick glance at this handsome vehicle will reveal its new tweaks. Gone is the trapezoidal grille of the 2016 model. It is replaced with a hexagonal grille that offers a sportier, more aggressive look. The already roomy interiors have also been remodelled to make for an even more comfortable ride. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford Escape Near Clarksville, IN: Touting a Cross-Generational Appeal and Popularity

The 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN is the successor to a proud legacy. Indeed, when this vehicle was first released in 2001, only a few manufacturers offered a compact-sized crossover. But with excellent engineering and attractive features, the Ford Escape became one of the best-selling options in this market segment, which itself would go on to see explosive growth.

Sixteen years after its debut, the 2017 Ford Escape near Clarksville, IN remains one of the most compelling compact SUVs in its class. The appeal of this car to both Baby Boomers and Millennials helped it sell a whopping 306,492 units in 2015 alone, and the refinements in the 2017 model are sure to reel in even more buyers. Read more on this article:

The 2017 Ford Escape from Clarksville, IN: Safe, Confident and Stylish

The 2017 Ford Escape from Clarksville, IN carries more flair with a set of enhancements. A tougher opponent, this model is redesigned to go up against the likes of Hyundai Tucson, Honda CR-V, Kia Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and Toyota RAV4. It boasts of visual elegance and user-friendliness, allowing you to handle the vehicle with much more ease. Technology features are available as well to keep you connected wherever you go. The cabin is roomy and comfortable for you and your passengers to enjoy the ride. If all these sound appealing to you, don’t forget to check this model out at a Ford dealer serving Clarksville, IN.

Confident Driving Manner of the 2017 Ford Escape from Clarksville, IN

With its driver-centric cabin and defined suspension, the 2017 Escape appeals to those who like a comfortable and confident subcompact-crossover-SUV. You have three engine options to choose from. Read more on this article: