2017 Ford Explorer from New Albany, IN: A Superior SUV in Every Way

The 2017 Ford Explorer from New Albany, IN tops rivals in its segment by offering power, generous features, and stunning value at every level. Watch it here:


The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor from Dealers Near New Albany, IN: A Mighty On-Road and Off-Road Force


It’s time to experience what true off-road adventure is with the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor from New Albany, IN. There’s a lot to expect from this juggernaut, from its new body to advanced technologies, that allow it to take on both challenging roads and the pavement.

Ford shows careful attention to details when it comes to the interior, exterior, and driver-assist features. One of the best enhancements is its aluminum body. Made of high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy, the new Raptor is 500 pounds lighter than the previous models. This makes the 2017 version from Ford dealers serving New Albany, IN easier to handle and more fuel-efficient. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2fyBLXn

2016 Ford Expedition from Dealerships Serving New Albany, IN: Roomy and Efficient

For the adventurer at heart, few cars come close to the versatility, capacity, and reliability of the 2016 Ford Expedition. It owes this success to a roomy interior and generous luggage space, and its suite of safety tech and amenities, making it one of the best road trip cars to date. It is powerful, handles extremely well, and has classy trim that make it a cool family car for the modern citizen. Continue reading

The 2016 Ford Mustang from Dealerships Serving New Albany, IN: Muscle and Grace

Admit it: at some point in your life, you’ve dreamed of owning a sports car. It’s hardly surprising and you’re definitely not alone, though. There’s just something undeniably eye catching about a speedy, powerful car driving down the highway.

Of course, that power does come with a price. Sports cars are not your everyday family sedan–they were built to perform and are priced accordingly. And in this regard, it’s hard to top the 2016 Ford Mustang.

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The 2016 Ford Fusion from Dealerships near New Albany, IN: Feel the Luxury

The 2016 Ford Fusion is among the very few sedans today that are highly fuel efficient while being extremely luxurious and powerful in terms of horsepower and torque produced. The car comes with a plethora of features that make it not only fun to drive but also highly functional. With a sleek design and an attractive front grille, this sedan is definitely out to impress. Continue reading

The Super Heavy Duty 2016 Ford F-250 from Dealerships around New Albany, IN

Talk about super duty trucks and the Ford lineup comes right to mind. The 2016 Ford F-250 is solid proof of Ford’s promise that towing trucks are tough but will never compromise on power and performance. The F-Series from Ford dealerships around New Albany, IN are meant to be heavy duty workhorses with enough amenities for a comfortable ride.

Engine Power and Performance

To start with, the 2016 Ford F-250 comes with two engine options. The first option is the standard 6.2 liter V8 engine producing up to 385 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. The second option is of a turbo diesel engine with fuel capacity of 6.7 liter, and able to produce up to 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque. Users have three model options to choose from: SuperCab, SuperCrew, and Regular Cab.

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2016 Ford Focus from Dealerships Serving New Albany, IN: Comfortable and Elegant

From exterior to interior, the 2016 Ford Focus is a car with the stylish urban feel. You’ll notice it both with its leathertrimmed interior as well as its sharply detailed exterior. When it comes to the sound, 2016 Ford Focus uses acoustic materials in the dash, hood, headliner luggage compartment, and the acoustic-laminate windshield. The result is a quiet and discreet car. To hear it for yourself, visit any of the Ford dealerships around New Albany, IN. Continue reading